Start writing your own web log

It seems everyone wants to be a famous writer today.

By starting to write a blog you are well looking into improving your constructive thought process and writing skills. If you don’t look good, at least you can be well-spoken, well-read, and – obviously – well-written.

Here are some failsafe recipes that will show you how to write a blog that might eventually become famous enough to even earn you a decent living all by itself:


First decide on what your blog will be about. Most personal blogs are about personal stuff that interest you and might (hopefully) interest others.

Now find an appropriate name for your blog. It should be something fun and memorable, as applies in general when picking domain names. The name you choose will be part of the domain name (URL) of your blog website. Think this through. If unsure, seek feedback from instructors.

Go to and sign-in with your Google account. Create a new blog with your selected name and head on to writing your first post.

Now customize your blog thoroughly through the Blogger dashboard. You should be going for a rather relatively unique and functional style.

Finally, continue to post on your blog regularly.

You get points for completion of this task when you have at least 12 non-copied blog posts with at least 200 words each, spanning at least 40 days.

Happy creative writing! ;)