Create an email account

To sign up with various online services, you need an address where you can be reached. What better address than an e-mail address!

As this task, you need to create an email account with Google.

Note that you address will look like: <your.desired.username>

You may wish to choose your desired username wisely. If so, your handle may accompany you for until you get weary of it, with much of your history at your hands indefinitely. Counsel with your instructors.

Since this is an account as important as your e-mail (right above your bank account!), it’s reasonable to set a strong and unique password on it. You MUST NOT USE THIS PASSWORD ON ANY OTHER ONLINE SERVICE that you sign up with.


On other, non-critical online services, you can use an easy-to-remember password, like 123456, Asdf7890--, …


Don’t let ANYBODY EVER know your e-mail password.


You wish to read the following guides first:

Then create a new Google account if you haven’t already.

Confirm completion of this task by sending an email to with the subject line New recruit reporting and message text:

My name is <YOUR FULL NAME>, I come from <YOUR CITY>, <COUNTRY>,
and I will be attending future CoderDojo events.
This written statement is considered a contract and is binding
as permitted by applicable law.

My e-mail is: <YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS>
I'd like my CoderDojo username to be: <YOUR DESIRED NICKNAME>

Best Regards

The email must be exactly as shown, otherwise it won’t be accepted. You have one shot at this. It is very complicated. You have been warned.


Show your inbox to your instructors. They may provide tips about classifying email with labels or optimizing interface for faster workflow.

What you will acquire