Photoshop images with the GiMP

The GiMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. Unlike Adobe’s Photoshop, GiMP is completely free to use for any purpose, and it has similar (but superior) capabilities.

Proficiency in image editing is a useful skill to have. You need not become an expert to draw your own in-game characters (even if only a few pixels large), forge official documents, draw tits ontamper with a picture of your best friend, avoid shoops like these, …


Your task is to create a masterpiece!

For starters, you can follow some tutorials that you find interesting:

Short interesting YouTube tutorials:


You can cut out objects out of existing pictures you have — you don’t need to draw them from start.


If you want to make hi-res textures for your future games, better learn about some best practices.

Show your work. The amount of points you will be awarded will depend on how masterpiece-y your creation is. The instructors will evaluate it based on overall complexity, use of filters, number of layers, number of steps, manual brushing, …