Meditation for Success

Meditation is a method, a technique you can do that helps you to relax and remain alert and focused.

Regular meditation of at least 5 minutes a day will allow you to have a better control over the processing power of your brain, your pain, and your emotions.

By meditating daily, you will be able to:

Vipassana meditation technique

One meditation technique is called Vipassana meditation which is the method taught prominently by Gautama Buddha. It goes roughly like this:

  1. You sit comfortably and relax.
  2. Focus on your respiration (breathing). Observe how when you inhale, your navel goes outwards as your chest cavity expands, stop for a moment, and when you ever so slowly exhale, notice your heart rhythm settling at a natural level.
  3. While respiring softly as you do naturally, observe the air flow through your nostrils and the feeling it is creating.
  4. Repeat step 3.
  5. When, after a while, you first notice that, in fact, you are now thinking about something completely different, a past or future or potential errand or event or such, become aware of it and just calmly return to step 2.

When you meditate for the first time, your timespan between steps 3 and 5 may be only seconds long. With practice, you can increase this time to minutes as a first direct measure of your meditation success.


5 minutes of meditation a day is great, but so are three deep slow breaths in and out with your eyes closed.