Play programming games

How wonderful is to learn that you can discover all the mysteries of programming by playing a couple of very entertaining puzzle games?

Well, you can.


Complete all of the following games in given order and with associated criteria:

Let the fun begin!

You can, of course, play these games at home or whenever it’s convenient for you. But you must be able to provide proof of completion for each game. The best way to achieve this is to always use the same computer when playing so that your progress is saved in a cookie, or take lots of screenshots (e.g. a working solution on each level).

You must not follow public walkthroughs. If you are found to have been following walkthroughs everybody will know this and you will gain no points for this task, to say the least. Consider not cheating your value of honor, while all the more benefiting and fun!


For a little extra credit, click once on any G+1/Facebook buttons you see on each of the linked pages/sites.