Join us on IRC

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and was the standard text-based communication protocol before various instant messengers like MSN Messenger, GTalk, or Skype were developed.

Many skilled computer users communicate via IRC because it offers them real-time asynchronous communication that isn’t scrutinized by a large corporate entity and it doesn’t lock them in into a single client

We, the CoderDojo Slovenia team, too use IRC for communication purposes!


Join us on IRC, that is, on:

 \_/   \_______________/ \__/ \___________/
  |           |           |     |
 protocol   server       port  channel

You can set up to autojoin in your favorite IRC client, such as multi-protocol Pidgin or similar:

You can check the room out online, but we strongly advise setting it up in a standalone client.


You can even connect to IRC through telnet. Telnet is a simple network protocol (and corresponding command-line utility) that passes text streams between client and server. The program can thus be used to model several more complex protocols (e.g. HTTP, FTP, WHOIS, …). Connect to also through telnet.

The points for this task are only awarded when you have been seen lurking in the channel relatively frequently for at least month, and/or you show above-average activity in the channel, and/or you significantly contribute to the channel in some other way, like help with the channel’s bot.